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Finnsheep Facts

Finnsheep originated in Finland as Finnish Landrace sheep. They are considered a ”primitive” sheep as they exhibit characteristics of the original wild or “mouflon” sheep. These characteristics include face and legs free of wool and a naturally short tail.  They are closely related to Shetland and Icelandic sheep.


Finnsheep will breed at an early age, as early as seven months of age, and will breed out of season. They are known for multiple births — by the time the sheep is three years of age they will be having triplets or quads. They rarely have any problems lambing and are fantastic mothers


Adult ewes weigh on average 130 to 180 pounds, mature rams weigh 170 to 240 pounds.


Finnsheep have exquisite wool. It is soft and lustrous. It spins like a dream, takes dyes vividly and blends very well with other fibers. I have blended it with mohair, angora, silk, alpaca and, on several occasions, dog hair. It is easy to wash because it is not extremely greasy and has a lower scouring loss compared to other wools. It is classified as a medium wool with a micron count of 24 to 31 microns and a staple length of 3-6 inches. It is a wonderful wool for felting projects.


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